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  • | Illustration

    Viaduct on Baltimore and Washington Railroad

    A steel-engraved image by Henry Adlard, from a drawing by William Henry Barlett, in American Scenery or Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature.

  • | Newspaper

    The Blue Ridge Railroad

    Comments on the prospects for the Blue Ridge Railroad, with comparisions to Virginia and New York systems.

  • Pacific Railway Act of 1862

    The mechanism for the creation of the Union Pacific Railroad Company, this document is a demonstration of the intricate relationship between the business of the railroad and the business of government and expansion.

  • | Pamphlet

    B. & M. R. R. Land in Nebraska [German Language edition]

    This translation of an 1882 German language document published by the Burlington Railroad Land Commissioner has an index of Nebraska land agents, describes the lands available for purchase, and presents a list of 12 advantages to living in the Nebraska. The railroad also touts its role in settling the region, noting that it "open[s] the land, develop[s] traffic with the rest of the world, and connect[s] resident[s] to the marketplace". It also claims that "the progress in this region has been remarkable since the building of the Burlington road ten years ago, the district has been rapidly populated with the best and solidest class of immigrant", showing both the railroad companies' targeting of immigrants as land buyers and their perception of their role in settling the Plains.