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  • | Contract

    Contract Between the Illinois Central Railroad Company and Pinkerton & Company, February 1, 1855

    In this February 1, 1855 contract between the Illinois Central Railroad and Allan Pinkerton's Detective Agency, Pinkerton & Company agree to establish a "Police Agency" in Chicago to assist the Railroad in the "prompt and efficient performance of their business."

  • | Letter

    Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Jennie Reed, May 3, 1863

    In this letter from May 3, 1863, Samuel Reed writes to his wife asking when she will come to Burlington, Iowa to visit him and possibly pick up a relative. He states that he may not be able to leave for a visit home that month, but will send her a railroad pass over the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad "as soon as one can be obtained from Chicago."

  • Letter from Jennie Reed to Samuel B. Reed, September 6, 1863

    In this letter from September 6, 1863, Jennie Reed writes to her husband, Samuel Reed, describing a recent trip she made to Chicago. She notes that she hopes his letter to Chicago, requesting employment closer to home, will be successful and reminds him that he is missing his youngest daughter's "babyhood." She also asks if he can get a pass on the Burlington and Missouri Railroad for his sister, Marion K. McMurphy, telling him "you can scarcely afford to pay out so much money, if it can be avoided."