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  • | Contract

    Contract Between the Illinois Central Railroad Company and Pinkerton & Company, February 1, 1855

    In this February 1, 1855 contract between the Illinois Central Railroad and Allan Pinkerton's Detective Agency, Pinkerton & Company agree to establish a "Police Agency" in Chicago to assist the Railroad in the "prompt and efficient performance of their business."

  • | Newspaper

    The Blue Ridge Railroad

    Comments on the prospects for the Blue Ridge Railroad, with comparisions to Virginia and New York systems.

  • | Illustration

    Part of the Illinois Central Railroad Depot at Chicago

    This image from the September 10, 1859 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts a portion of the Illinois Central railroad depot at Chicago, Illinois. It illustrated an article entitled "The Great Graneries of Chicago," where it was noted "each of these immense buildings is capable of containing 700,000 bushels of wheat, and 225,000 can be received and stored in each of them in a single day."

  • | Newspaper

    Striking Everywhere

    This selection of articles from the July 25, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post reveals how the strike is affecting railroads and communities all over the country, as well as how citizens are responding.

  • | Letter

    Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad post-strike report

    The C, B & Q Master Mechanic for West Burlington, Iowa, reports on the work history of several engineers who were re-applying for work in the wake of the 1888 strike. Master Mechanic West indicated employees with hash tags (#) who should never be rehired.