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  • | Contract

    Contract Between the Illinois Central Railroad Company and Pinkerton & Company, February 1, 1855

    In this February 1, 1855 contract between the Illinois Central Railroad and Allan Pinkerton's Detective Agency, Pinkerton & Company agree to establish a "Police Agency" in Chicago to assist the Railroad in the "prompt and efficient performance of their business."

  • | Newspaper

    The Blue Ridge Railroad

    Comments on the prospects for the Blue Ridge Railroad, with comparisions to Virginia and New York systems.

  • | Newspaper

    Striking Everywhere

    This selection of articles from the July 25, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post reveals how the strike is affecting railroads and communities all over the country, as well as how citizens are responding.

  • | Newspaper

    The Labor Uprising

    This article from the July 27, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes the state of the strike around the country. There are reports of violence in some areas while in others order is being maintained and things are well under control.

  • | Newspaper

    Fear Public Sentiment

    The Bryan-Thurston campaign took place amidst national news of the trial of Eugene Debs and others in the American Railway Union for violence and disobeying court injunctions in the 1894 Pullman strikes.

  • | Newspaper

    Railroad and the People

    Edward Rosewater, Republican editor, argues that the railroads charge "tax" on a part of nearly every commodity in the United States. He welcomes the consolidation of railroad management and the professionalization of the managers as a sign of future government regulation and fairer, more predicatable business practices.