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  • Pacific Railway Act of 1862

    The mechanism for the creation of the Union Pacific Railroad Company, this document is a demonstration of the intricate relationship between the business of the railroad and the business of government and expansion.

  • Timely Advice

    This article from the July 23, 1877 edition of the St. Louis Dispatch advises the Missouri Pacific Railroad to "set the example to other roads to promptly acquiesce in all reasonable demands" by the workers in order to peacefully end the railroad strike.

  • The Strike

    This article from the July 24, 1877 edition of the St. Louis Dispatch notes the outbreak of violence in the city and states that "the railroad war in St. Louis has actually begun." The newspaper condemns the workers who are destroying property, but supports the "real workingmen" who "do not cut their own throats in this way."

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    Striking Everywhere

    This selection of articles from the July 25, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post reveals how the strike is affecting railroads and communities all over the country, as well as how citizens are responding.

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    Railroad Cry

    In this advertisement in Bryan's World Herald, the State Republican Party of Nebraska presents the case against Bryan and Populism as harmful to the state's interests. Populism "burns up value" in Nebraska's assets, the ad charges, and accuses fellow Republican Edward Rosewater, editor of the Omaha Daily Bee, of perfidy and betrayal. The ad depicts Rosewater, a Jew, as a "Shylock" and "petty" tyrant, emphasizing instead the manliness of the Republican candidates and leaders.

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    The Corporation Anaconda

    Republican editor Edward Rosewater attacks "the corporation anaconda" he sees in the Nebraska 1894 campaign. The intimidation of railroad employees and the organization and direction of railroad money are his chief targets.