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    The Blue Ridge Railroad

    Comments on the prospects for the Blue Ridge Railroad, with comparisions to Virginia and New York systems.

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    Garrett Announces Wage Reduction

    This July 11, 1877 circular announces a wage reduction for workers on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

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    Trouble on the Baltimore & Ohio

    This article from the July 17, 1877 edition of the Baltimore American gives an account of the strike's origins in Baltimore, its spread to Martinsburg, West Virginia, the arrival of the miltary, and a description of the demonstrations that took place.

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    Last Night in Baltimore

    This article from the July 21, 1877 Baltimore American gives an account of the events that led to the large gathering of people outside of Camden Station the previous evening.

  • The Great Strike

    This article from the July 23, 1877 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune suggests that railroad corporations should adopt new policies to meet the needs of railroad workers, which will also keep many of the corporations from falling into bankruptcy.

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    The Strike

    This July 23, 1877 editorial in the Baltimore American emphasizes the participation of the "lawless classes" in the strike, hijacking it from the employees and turning it into a dangerous national threat, similar to the Paris Commune.

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    ART. IX.—The Recent Strikes

    This August 13, 1877 article reports on the violence and destruction of the Great Railroad strike in cities across the eastern United States.