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  • | Letter

    Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Wife and Family, August 31, 1869

    In this letter from August 31, 1869, Samuel Reed writes to his wife and family describing "warm times" regarding the Union Pacific Company's various debts. Reed notes obligations to Brigham Young and Captain Davis, but hopes to avoid all of the problems by leaving in the coming days, which he has been promised he could do.

  • | Newspaper

    Quit the Union or be Fired

    The U.S. Senate campaign in 1894 featured long speeches by candidates at town gatherings across Nebraska. John Thurston presents his case for defending American interests first by contrasting McKinley as the American with Democratic internationalism.

  • | Newspaper

    First Train for Billings

    Railroads changed the spatial relationship of cities and regions, altering trade routes, access to markets, credit, and information. Despite his campaign against railroad political corruption, the editor of The Omaha Bee celebrates the new Billings route with great enthusiasm for the opportunities it will create.

  • | Newspaper

    Pulse of Western Progress

    In this roundup of Western news about "progress," the Omaha Daily Bee depicts the Indians as unable to manage relationships with aggressive, and presumably corrupt, railroad companies. It applauds the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to restrain the railroads from building across Indian lands. The other news of the West evokes the progress that comes with railroads and that such decisions denied Indians.

  • | Newspaper

    Through Historic Fields

    Even though the Omaha Daily Bee campaigned against railroad political power, the newspaper celebrates the opening of a new line it expects to reshape the West and enhance the prominence and position of Omaha, Lincoln, and other cities.