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    Union Pacific is Master

    Carrying on his crusade against the railroads in politics, Republican editor Edward Rosewater criticizes the appointment of receivers for the Union Pacific and the Oregon Short Line. He argues that the judges are in the service of the Union Pacific and the result will be continued monopoly power over rates and service in the region.

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    Pulse of Western Progress

    In this roundup of Western news about "progress," the Omaha Daily Bee depicts the Indians as unable to manage relationships with aggressive, and presumably corrupt, railroad companies. It applauds the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to restrain the railroads from building across Indian lands. The other news of the West evokes the progress that comes with railroads and that such decisions denied Indians.

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    Through Historic Fields

    Even though the Omaha Daily Bee campaigned against railroad political power, the newspaper celebrates the opening of a new line it expects to reshape the West and enhance the prominence and position of Omaha, Lincoln, and other cities.

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    Want Better Mail Service

    The quality, availability, and cost of railroad service in a local community often became a contentious political issue pitting locals against non-locals and spilling into local political contests. The Omaha Bee, an enemy of railroad power of any sort, emphasizes the local community's "right" to equal service.

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    The Corporation Anaconda

    Republican editor Edward Rosewater attacks "the corporation anaconda" he sees in the Nebraska 1894 campaign. The intimidation of railroad employees and the organization and direction of railroad money are his chief targets.