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  • | Annual report

    Report from Division Engineer Samuel B. Reed to Chief Engineer Peter A. Dey Describing Survey from Green River to Salt Lake City, December 24, 1864

    In this December 24, 1864 report, Samuel B. Reed describes his surveys and explorations of the land from Green River, Utah to Salt Lake City. He gives his recommendations for the route of the Union Pacific Railroad line, including the availability of timber for railroad ties and coal to power the locomotives.

  • | Newspaper

    The Railroad War

    This July 21, 1877 article from the Pittsburgh Daily Post details the extent of the railroad strike and the government's efforts to suppress it through military force.

  • | Newspaper

    Reign of the Mob

    This July 23, 1877 article from the Pittsburgh Daily Post details the mob's strength during the railroad strike and provides a description of key events.

  • | Newspaper

    Among the Ruins

    This article from the July 25, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes the railroad strike's extensive destruction and details public and private efforts to keep it under control.

  • | Newspaper

    Status of the Strike

    This article from the July 26, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes a stoppage in the railroad strike's violence, but mentions that an agreement between the railroad owners and the strikers seems unlikely.

  • | Newspaper

    The Labor Fight

    This July 27, 1877 article from the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes the easing of tensions regarding the railroad strike and suggests that the end of violence has been achieved. The article also details the military's efforts to control the situation as well as the Pennsylvania Central's efforts to rebuild its tracks.

  • | Newspaper

    The Backbone Broken

    This article from the July 28, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes a major break in deliberations, as the Fort Wayne, Indiana strikers agree to allow freight trains to run.

  • | Newspaper

    Traffic Resumed

    This article from the July 30, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post covers the return of freight and passenger rail travel to the entire region and details meetings between railroad workers, railroad owners, and government officials to ensure long-term peace.

  • | Illustration

    Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, August 4, 1877, Railroad Riot Extra

    A striking cover from the August 4, 1877 Railroad Riot Extra from Leslie's Illustrated emphasizes the tone of newspaper coverage of the Railroad Strike.

  • | Pamphlet

    B. & M. R. R. Land in Nebraska [German Language edition]

    This translation of an 1882 German language document published by the Burlington Railroad Land Commissioner has an index of Nebraska land agents, describes the lands available for purchase, and presents a list of 12 advantages to living in the Nebraska. The railroad also touts its role in settling the region, noting that it "open[s] the land, develop[s] traffic with the rest of the world, and connect[s] resident[s] to the marketplace". It also claims that "the progress in this region has been remarkable since the building of the Burlington road ten years ago, the district has been rapidly populated with the best and solidest class of immigrant", showing both the railroad companies' targeting of immigrants as land buyers and their perception of their role in settling the Plains.