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  • | Newspaper

    Railroad Cry

    In this advertisement in Bryan's World Herald, the State Republican Party of Nebraska presents the case against Bryan and Populism as harmful to the state's interests. Populism "burns up value" in Nebraska's assets, the ad charges, and accuses fellow Republican Edward Rosewater, editor of the Omaha Daily Bee, of perfidy and betrayal. The ad depicts Rosewater, a Jew, as a "Shylock" and "petty" tyrant, emphasizing instead the manliness of the Republican candidates and leaders.

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    Representing the People

    Conservative Republicans organized "Business Men's Associations" in the 1894 campaign to fund and support Republican candidates, elect John M. Thurston, and defeat William Jennings Bryan. These associations spawned considerable political debate about the role of business in politics.

  • | Illustration

    Save Nebraska From Confederated Monopoly

    In 1894, Democrat William Jennings Bryan ran against Republican John M. Thurston for Nebraska's open seat in the United States Senate. During the race, the Omaha Bee, a Republican reform paper, campaigned against the Burlington & Missouri Railroad as an especially nefarious force endangering the republic. In this political cartoon, Editor Edward Rosewater broadened the paper's attack to include all monopolies.

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    The Guardian Angel of Trusts and Monopolies

    Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

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    Continued Misrepresentation

    Bryan's World Herald defends his record on behalf of the working man and against Republican charges that he favors wage reductions.

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    The Avalanche

    The Republican State Journal celebrates the Republican victory in the November 1894 state and Congressional elections.