List Of The Dead And Wounded

This article from the July 21, 1877 issue of the Baltimore Sun lists the dead and wounded during the riots.

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Of the nine men killed -whose bodies were taken to the middle station - one remained unrecognizable last night. Those identified were as follows:

Thomas V. Byrne, 32 years of age, unmarried. A clerk for the past five years in the store of Strasburger & Son, North Gay street, and registered (sic)voters [sic] for the fifth ward; shot through the head and killed on Front street at the armory. He was stooping to screen himself from the fire of the military when shot. His brother was under arms with the Fifth Regiment.

Wm. Haurand, 14 years old, whose home was until recently on Harrison street, adjoining No. 1 [[unclear]], newsboy, and the support of his mother and her family; brains blown out on the corner of Baltimore and Holliday streets.

Cornelius Murphy, laborer, 183 Eastern ave., married shot in left side of neck and died in a short time.

Patrick Gill, No. 9 South Front street, a stranger in the city; killed on Front street.

Lewis Zwarowitch, No. 4 South Albermarle st.; killed on the Odeon pavement, South Frederick street, near Baltimore street.

John H. Frank; 23 years old, clerk, No. 88 South Central avenue; shot through the heart.

Otto Manecke, 40 years old, fresco painter, No. 53 Granby street, corner of Baltimore and Grant sts., wife and five children, shot through the face.

Mark Doud, No. 7 North Bond street, driver; compound fracture of skull; dying at midnight at Washington University Hospital, where he received the last rites of religion from Rev. Mr. Curtis, of the Cathedral.

Geroge M. McDonald, No. 205 Chestnut street, 26 years old, carpenter, shot in the neck. Identified at 3 o'clock this morning.

The list of the wounded as far as reported is as follows:

Jacob Wagner, 25, Calverton road, compound fracture of right thigh.

John Neville, Fort road, shot in left foot.

Wm. E. Callender, French street, near Forrest street, compound fracture of the left thigh. All of the above are at the Washington University Hospital.

John Norton, 18 years old, No. 18 South Front street, shot both thighs; not dangerous.

Jas. Rourke, No. 9 Albermarle street, shot in the groin; dangerous.

Carey Williams, No 175 East Pratt street, shot in the abdomen, probably fatal.

George Kemp, Douglas street, shot through the thigh.

Jacob Wagner, 51 Calverton road, shot in the thigh.

Miller, No. 48 Burke st., shot in the foot.

John Groh, Market space, shot in the back; dangerous.

Jacob Klump, No. 31 Forrest street, shot in the thigh.

Michael Ehrman, 15 years old, Bond street, flesh wound in the back.

James C. Barner, 17 years old, High street, near Fayette street, shot through both thighs, the ball passing slightly downward; dangerous but not mortal.

Wm. S. young, acting with the commissary department of the Sixth Regiment, was knocked down with a missile on Baltimore street, near Light street. He was taken to the drug store of Coleman & Rogers and was afterwards sent to the hospital.

C. H. Altvater, No. 148 South Washington street, was shot through the hat on Holliday street.

Other narrow escapes were numerous. A number of persons slightly wounded were able to walk or were taken to their homes by friends. It is probable that others seriously wounded were sent directly home, and their names were not learned. Bullets shivered the glass in the windows along Baltimore street at several places.

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  • Source: Baltimore Sun
  • Date: July 21, 1877