Letter from Joseph E. Osborn to George S. Harris, January 15, 1872

In this January 15, 1872 letter from Joseph E. Osborn to George S. Harris, Osborn describes his efforts at recruiting European immigrants to Iowa and Nebraska in the United States. He expects a small number of immigrants this year, but hopes that the seeds he has sown will bear fruit in future years.

Geo. S. Harris Esq.
Land. Com. B. & M. R.

Dear Sir,

Herewith I have the honor of enclosing Expense a/c's for the months of November and December 1871, which upon examination I trust you will find correct.

Owing to an amount of correspondence that had accrued during my travels, and which it was necessary for me to dispatch while in Gothenburg, it was impossible for me to send these reports as promised in my last. I should arrive here in time to meet appointment with Mr. [?]. I left Gothenburg last Thursday. Arrived here this forenoon.

I am in hopes to make the same arrangements here with Allan & National Line Agencies as I have in Gothenburg. They send from there in answering every letter of inquiry regarding passage to Amerika a copy of my circular.

I hope to make the same arrangement here.

Besides this is left with all of their county sub Agents a goodly quantity. I believe I shall succeed in making Iowa and Nebraska known. I am laboring for it, and if there is any emigration from Sweden this coming season, I dare say we will have our share.

Prospects though are not very flattering for a large emigration this year. If not it will nevertheless be seed sewn in good ground, and which will bear fruit in coming seasons. The last days I was in Gothenburg I got on the track of some, which I am in hopes of being able to secure for Nebraska.

Circulars are now going out in large quantities. I have heard that from Finland there will probably be a large emigration this year. If so I will lay out my nets for the capture of some of it at least.

The circulars you sent have not yet arrived, but had to be sent by [Cowels] to Christiansand. There they have arrived, but had to be sent via Copenhagen to Gothenburg where they had not yet arrived when I left. The one box containing Plates, Maps etc. and which and which was sent direct over England I have received and opened. Many thanks for the same. Can use it all to good effect. Can make excellent use of everything in that line which you can send over. I am very much delighted with it.

Nebraska and Iowa Papers do also now come regularly from which I can extract many good things. Would you be of the kindness to send one of the monthly statements of lands sold by the B. & M. R. Government entries, as well as the summaries of both for last year. Everything tells and not the least these.

I am anxious to receive copies of the "Illustrated Emigrant Journal" book which you anticipate to publish soon. I think it would be better to have the Swedish edition published here. It would be much cheaper than having it printed in Amerika, and I could send you what amount you would need to. In that case you should send to me direct via England the plates (well & carefully packed) with a few copies of the Amerikan edition, and I would soon have it ready. This I submit for your consideration.

I drew a draft on [?] on B. & M. R. a/c on the 11th [?]. I left Gothenburg for $400.00 Gold which I trust you will have when [?] draws on you to cover. I will write you from here and let you know what arrangements I have made for Denmark before leaving here.

My compliments to all in the office.

Very Truly Your Obedient Servant
Joseph E. Osborn

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Joseph E. Osborn to George S. Harris, January 15, 1872
  • Extent: 3 pages
  • Citation: The Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad Collection, Box: "George Harris Letters, 73.1"
  • Date: January 15, 1872