Letter from C. R. Schaller to A. E. Touzalin, January 5, 1872

In this January 5, 1872 letter from C. R. Schaller to A. E. Touzalin, Schaller outlines a plan to use London's conservative press to advertise the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company's lands in Nebraska.

The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company
General Emigration Office,
25, Moorgate Street

The B. & M. R. R. Co. are the owners of over Two Million Acres of the finest Farming Lands in the Western States.

Through Tickets are issued from LIVERPOOOL, QUEENSTOWN, OR GLASGLOW, to any point in Iowa, Nebraska, MISSOURI, and the WESTERN STATES, also to CALIFORNIA, giving choice of route both by seat and land.

Officers of the Company.
J. W. BROOKS, President, Boston, Mass, U.S.
C. E. PERKINS, General Superintendent, Burlington, Iowa, U.S.
A.E. TOUZALIN, General Passenger Agent, Burlington, Iowa, U.S.
GEORGE S. HARRIS, Land Commissioner, Burlington, Iowa & Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.

C.R. SCHALLER, European Commissioner
HY WILSON, Financial Manager at Liverpool
W.H. HAYWARD, Manager at London

A E Touzalin Esq
Gen. Passenger Agent
B & M R R
Burlington Iowa

Dear Sir,

According to your desire I send you two copies of Sir Charles Dilke's Greater Britain read pages 173 and 174 just published There is room here as Mr. Harris very justly remarks for Prof. Butler to reply and let the reply be strong and sarcastic.

Sir Charles is now in hot water in England politically and I believe there is no doubt I can get a really good letter showing that Sir Charles is a man not to be relied upon, that his writings are far from the truth. Sir Charles has been indulging in his lectures against Her Majesty and the Royal Family (not that I care for them) and has made enemies of the Conservative party and now is the time to take fair advantage of his lies about Nebraska through the Conservative Press. particularly in London.

Without wishing to dictate to the Prof ask him to write in as near English style as possible that is a calm dignified letter showing the utter want of truth in the published statements. We have a good chance of writing up Nebraska. To be in the form of a letter dated from Lincoln Nebraska.

I will write Mr. Harris and yourself fully in a few days in reply to letters received and other matters Compliments of the season to all.

Yours faithfully
Cors. R. Schaller

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from C. R. Schaller to A. E. Touzalin, January 5, 1872
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: The Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad Collection, Box: "George Harris Letters, 73.1"
  • Date: January 5, 1872