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  • | Photograph

    Union Pacific Railroad Brigham Young Construction Camp, Echo Canyon, Utah

    This is a digital photograph of an image of the Union Pacific Railroad's Brigham Young Construction camp in Echo Canyon, Utah.

  • | Photograph

    Grading camp for the Union Pacific Railroad in the Rocky Mountains

    This is a photograph of the grading camp for the Union Pacific Railroad in the Rocky Mountains.

  • | Time Table

    Atlantic & Great Western Railroad

    The Atlantic & Great Western Railroad stressed its safety record and comfortable, elegant, luxurious cars. The time table quotes former Illinois Congressman Elihu B. Washburn on the road's smooth ride and "clean, light, and airy" setting. The road also boasted that its passengers traveling in its beautifully appointed Pullman cars would "not have to leave the train between Chicago, Cincinnati, and St. Louis."

  • | Pamphlet

    Land Hunter's and Settlers' Special Low Rates

    Published "to aid in the sale and settlement of its lands", this pamphlet by the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad introduces special fares for train tickets to Nebraska. "Exploring Tickets" were designed for those who wished to survey the land before committing to a purchase, while "One-Way Settler's Tickets" were targeted to those who had already made a decision to move to Nebraska. The company also offered rebates on the tickets to those who ended up purchasing land.

  • | Photograph

    African American wood choppers? hut on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad

    African American wood choppers? hut on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad. Black men, many of them formerly enslaved on the South?s railroads, chopped timber for railroad ties, bridges, and fuel for the U.S. Military Railroads. Stationed at remote camps, such as this, they also faced the constant danger of Confederate partisan and guerrilla raids.

  • | Contract

    Slave sale receipt, blank

    A blank receipt for individual slaves from E.H. Stokes of Richmond, Virginia.

  • | Letter

    Letter from Willard Grant to George P. Cather, undated

    In this letter, Willard Grant asks George P. Cather numerous questions about life in Nebraska, including the method for constructing a good sod house, the possibility of raising fruit, the availability of water and timber, and the opportunities for additional work as a mason.

  • | Artwork

    In der Tram, 1916

  • | Artwork

    Metro Station, undated

  • | Time Table

    Orange and Alexandria Line "Irregular" Timetable

    This "irregular" timetable, published by the United States Military Railroads department, shows arrival and departure times on the Orange and Alexandria Line for "The Government of Operatives Only."