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  • | Illustration

    A Mob Attacking a Train At Hornellsville, On July 22d

    As the Great Strike of 1877 developed, strikers on the Erie Railroad in New York stopped trains along their stretch of the route.

  • | Illustration

    A New Cure

    This image from the November 2, 1867 issue of Harper's Weekly offers a cartoonist's conception of the relationship between railroads and rheumatism.

  • | Illustration

    A Night Scene In Company A's Room.

    This image comes from a series of illustrations "Scenes In The Armory Of The Seventh Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y." depicting the soldiers' stay in their armory in preparation for violence on the streets of New York.

  • | Illustration

    A Patient Railroad Traveler

    In an apparent commentary on the slowness of some railroad companies, this image from the March 14, 1874 issue of Harper's Weekly offers a cartoonist's conception of a patient railroad traveler.

  • | Newspaper

    A Perilous Nightófireóriotómurder

    This editorial from the July 21, 1877 edition of the Baltimore American emphasizes the strike and violence was preventable if adequate police had been on the scene and available.

  • | Illustration

    A Prairie Fire In Nebraska

    This image from the August 28, 1869 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts a Nebraska prairie fire near the Union Pacific railroad. Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's Magazine featured stories about highlights along the transcontinental route

  • | Illustration

    A Pun on Kars

    This image from the August 1, 1877 edition of PUCK Magazine is a pun on Kars (a city in Turkey) that depicts a soldier being pulled behind a railroad car.

  • | Photograph

    A Railroad Engineer "Fussing At His Machine"

    This image from The Modern Railroad (1911), shows a railroad engineer, "oil-can in hand," lubricating the wheel of a locomotive.

  • | Photograph

    A Railroad Fireman Shoveling Coal

    This image from The Modern Railroad (1911), captures a railroad fireman shoveling coal into the firebox.

  • | Pamphlet

    A Republican Text-Book for Colored Voters

    Meant as a primer for African American voters, this short volume includes a brief interview with William Jennings Bryan, followed by a comment on Jim Crow cars.

  • | Illustration

    A Skirmish Between the Rioters and Police In Eutaw Street, Baltimore

    When members of the Maryland National Guard moved through Baltimore on their way to Camden Station, street violence erupted as strikers and supporters protested the use of armed troops to keep order in Cumberland, Maryland.

  • | Illustration

    A Snow Drift On The Pacific Railroad

    This image from the March 19, 1870 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts workers and a snow plow attempting to clear a snow drift on the Pacific Railroad.

  • A View Of Pendleton

    This is an image of Pendleton, Ohio, the outer station of the Little Miami Railroad, in The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857.

  • | Book

    A Voice From the South: By A Woman of the South

    Anna J. Cooper, the first African American woman to earn a PhD, worked as a speaker, educator, and reformer. In this excerpt from Voice From the South Cooper addresses the contrast between the expectations of any middle-class, well-dressed woman traveling and the realities of the experience for African American women. Read with Richard Wells' Manners, Culture and Dress of the Best American Society, also featured on this site.

  • | Illustration

    Accident on the New York Central Railroad

    This image from the May 28, 1858 edition of Harper's Weekly depicts an accident on a railroad bridge near Utica, New York.

  • | Illustration

    Accident to the Boston Express

    This image from the March 23, 1872 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts a train derailment on the Boston Express near Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • | Newspaper

    Account of the "Golden Spike" Ceremony, Promontory Point, UT on May 10, 1869

    This account of the "Golden Spike" ceremony at Promontory Point, Utah on May 10, 1869, as printed in the May 11th edition of the Salt Lake Telegram, describes the festivities involved and lists some of the important attendees. Following the article, the compiler offers a one-sided picture of the situation regarding pay for the Union Pacific's construction crews and details Samuel Reed's actions after the ceremony.

  • | Speech

    Ada, OH Speech, 1896-08-10

    Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

  • | Photograph

    African American Laborers on the U.S. Military Railroad in Northern Virginia, c. 1862 or 1863

    From the beginning of the Civil War, African Americans worked on the railroads, transferring their labor to the Union cause.

  • | Photograph

    African American wood choppers? hut on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad

    African American wood choppers? hut on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad. Black men, many of them formerly enslaved on the South?s railroads, chopped timber for railroad ties, bridges, and fuel for the U.S. Military Railroads. Stationed at remote camps, such as this, they also faced the constant danger of Confederate partisan and guerrilla raids.