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  • | Photograph

    The Hotel and Station at Cumberland, Maryland

    This photograph shows the hotel and railroad station at Cumberland, Maryland, built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, as it looked in 1928.

  • | Illustration

    The Interior of a Hospital Car

    This image from the February 27, 1864 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts the interior of a Union hospital car during the American Civil War. See Woman's Work in the Civil War on this site for the recollections of a hospital train nurse.

  • | Map

    The James J. Hill Railroads, 1914

    This map from the 1932 Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States depicts the vast railroad system James J. Hill owned in 1914.

  • | Newspaper

    The Labor Agitation

    This selection of articles from the July 24, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post looks at the events surrounding railroad strikes in cities around the United States and notes the crime and violence taking place.

  • | Newspaper

    The Labor Fight

    This July 27, 1877 article from the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes the easing of tensions regarding the railroad strike and suggests that the end of violence has been achieved. The article also details the military's efforts to control the situation as well as the Pennsylvania Central's efforts to rebuild its tracks.

  • | Newspaper

    The Labor Uprising

    This article from the July 27, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes the state of the strike around the country. There are reports of violence in some areas while in others order is being maintained and things are well under control.

  • | Artwork

    The London Underground (from the "Tubes" portfolio)

  • | Law

    The Louisiana Railway Accommodations Act

    The Louisiana Railway Accommodations Act mandates "equal but separate" rail travel in the state.

  • | Book

    The Marrow of Tradition

    In this excerpt from Charles Chesnutt's novel, the African American doctor protagonist faces the reality of segregation on Southern railroads.

  • | Illustration

    The Men of the Eighth Massachusetts Regiment Repairing the Bridges on the Railroad from Annapolis to Washington

    This image from the May 11, 1861 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts members of the Eigth Massachusetts Regiment repairing bridges on the railroad from Annapolis, Maryland to Washington, D.C.

  • | Newspaper

    The Mighty Strike. Mad Anarchy Here

    This article from the July 21, 1877 edition of the Daily Alleganian and Times gives an account of the strikers halting trains and notes the arrest of the ringleaders.

  • | Newspaper

    The Military Call From Big Sam

    This article from the July 21, 1877 issue of the Baltimore American describes the mob surrounding the Sixth Maryland Regiment armory during the riots in Baltimore.

  • | Newspaper

    The Military Called Out

    The American reports that John King, vice-president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, requested state militia to guard the property of the railroad and quell the "riot." West Virginia Governor Henry M. Mathews in a telegraph assures King that he will do everything in his power to "suppress the riot."

  • | Illustration

    The Mob Assaulting a Member of the Sixth

    This August 4, 1877 image from Leslie's Illustrated depicts the assault on a soldier of the Sixth National Guard Regiment in Baltimore, emphasizing the disparity in force and posture between the "mob" and the lone soldier.

  • | Illustration

    The Mob Attacking Soldiers at the Armory

    This August 4, 1877 image from Leslie's Illustrated depicts the strikers and the crowd attacking soldiers at the Baltimore Armory, and emphasizes the defensive posture of the military and the aggression of the crowd.

  • | Illustration

    The Mob Firing the Camden Street Station

    This August 4, 1877 image from Leslie's Illustrated depicts a stealthy and determined crowd setting fire to the Camden Street Railroad Station.

  • | Illustration

    The Mob Sacking a Private Residence in Pittsburgh, July 23d.

    Wide-spread rioting in Pittsburg led to the burning of over 40 buildings and the deaths of dozens of people.

  • | Illustration

    The Model Conductor

    The characters encoutered along the rail journey are part of the artist's experience.

  • | Illustration

    The Mosquito

    This image from the June 30, 1866 issue of Harper's Weekly offers a stinging cartoonist's criticism of the nature of the Camden and Amboy Railroad Company.

  • | Annual report

    The Mountain Top Track

    This December 1, 1856 report details the high maintenance costs for track running through the Blue Ridge mountains.