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  • | Illustration

    The Army of the Potomac Supply Depot

    This image from the December 12, 1863 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts a Union railway supply depot for the Army of the Potomac during the American Civil War.

  • | Newspaper

    The Attack on the Fifth

    This article from the July 21, 1877 edition of the Baltimore American gives an account of the attack on the Fifth Regiment by the mob, which threw stones and bricks, forcing the troops to charge into Camden Station with fixed bayonets.

  • | Newspaper

    The Avalanche

    The Republican State Journal celebrates the Republican victory in the November 1894 state and Congressional elections.

  • | Book

    The Awakening

    An excerpt from Kate Chopin's The Awakening.

  • | Newspaper

    The Backbone Broken

    This article from the July 28, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes a major break in deliberations, as the Fort Wayne, Indiana strikers agree to allow freight trains to run.

  • | Newspaper

    The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Strike

    This article in the July 18, 1877 edition of the Baltimore Sun notes the extent of the trouble on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the rioting at Martinsburg, West Virginia, and the militia's ineffectiveness.

  • | Map

    The Battle of Camden, North Carolina / Fort Macon and Vicinity

    Also known as the Battle of South Mills, the Battle of Camden depicted here took place April 19 and the seige of Fort Macon lasted from March 23 to April 26; both were part of General Ambrose Burnside's North Carolina Expedition. On May 6, 1862, these New York Daily Tribune maps provided readers with detailed images of fields of battle and transportation resources hundreds of miles of away - bringing images of warfare and the geography of an enemy region into their homes.

  • | Photograph

    The Biggest Locomotive in the World

    This image from The Modern Railroad (1911), showcases "the biggest locomotive in the world," a huge engine built by the Santa Fe Railroad in its Topeka, Kansas shops.

  • | Illustration

    The Blockade of Engines at Martinsburg, West Virginia

    This August 11, 1877 image depicts the blockade of railroad engines in Martinsburg, West Virginia, by orderly and well-dressed citizens. Unlike Allan Pinkerton's depictions, this Harper's illustration features the role of women less as unruly participants and more as witnesses and forces of restraint and care in the stand-off.

  • | Newspaper

    The Blue Ridge Railroad

    Comments on the prospects for the Blue Ridge Railroad, with comparisions to Virginia and New York systems.

  • | Book

    The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857

    Works like The Book of The Great Railway Celebrations were published with multiple purposes - they served great publicity for railroad companies and town boosters, as well as celebrations of technological advancements and ingenuity. The detailed illustrations and descriptions of the celebrations also made them prized souvenirs for event attendees.

  • | Time Table

    The Burlington

    The Chicago, Burlington & Northern's 1891 time table adopted a compass-like circular image representing the major points accessible on the line. This table also featured the history of the line and the picturesque sites along its route.

  • | Illustration

    The Burning of the Lebanon Valley Railroad Bridge, August 11, 1877

    This August 11, 1877 image from Harper's Weekly depicts the burning of the Lebanon Valley Railroad bridge by rioters during the Great Railroad Strike.

  • | Newspaper

    The Cabinet Discusses the Strike

    This brief article from the July 30, 1877 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes the Cabinet's assurance of the end of the strike, with no further interference on railroad lines.

  • The Capitol Of The United States

    This artistic rendition, in The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857, predicts what the Capital Building in Washington, D.C. would look like once the new wings and dome were completed.

  • | Time Table

    The Chicago Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railway

    The Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railway in 1912 stressed the opportunities in the Northwestern United States. This "new land" would allow the farmer to "pay for his land in two crops" and the "investor" to "make large and quick profits."

  • The Chicago Strike

    This article from the July 25, 1877 edition of the Chicago Inter-Ocean gives notice of the newspaper's support for the striking workers. The editors state that "we recognize their privilege to do as they please about working, and shall utter no reproach against them," as long as they abstain from violence.

  • | Illustration

    The City of Chicago, Illinois

    This montage of images from the September 10, 1859 issue of Harper's Weekly depicts the city of Chicago, Illinois.

  • | Book

    The Congressional Globe [excerpts]

    In these excerpts from a Senate debate over regulations for a District of Columbia street railroad, many typical arguments for and against public segregation are aired in language that also reveals attitudes towards race and equality as the Civil War continued.

  • | Newspaper

    The Corporation Anaconda

    Republican editor Edward Rosewater attacks "the corporation anaconda" he sees in the Nebraska 1894 campaign. The intimidation of railroad employees and the organization and direction of railroad money are his chief targets.