Letter from J. W. Garrett to General M. C. Meigs, August 9, 1862

The President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad writes to General Meigs about the treatment of nurses on his rail line following an incident reported by Dorothea Dix.

General M. C. Meigs
Quarter Master General


I beg to thank you for your communication of 6th instant.

I immediately submitted your note to our Master of Transportation for investigation and hand you his report herewith. Notwithstanding the Company has been subjected to considerable imposition by parties assuming to be nurses you will observe from the statement presented that the general course of the Company has been liberal regarding the transportation of Nurses.

As suggested by Mr. Smith we will be obliged if you can obtain the date and hour of the departure of the train from Baltimore on which the case reffered to occured so that we may be able to trace the party of whom complaint has been made. It will

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give us pleasure to have it in our power to trace and Correct any improper conduct of any men in our service.

As a copmliment to the eminent character and Services of the lady whom you name, Miss Dix, I presented to her long since, a general free ticket on our Road and its branches.

To prevent any irregularity or confusion hereafter, allow me to suggest that some suitable form of order or ticket be adopted so that Conductors will not be exposed to the impositions of vicious characters under assumed titles.

I am with great respect
Your obedient servant

J. W. Garrett Pres


By J. W. Garrett, Pres
Baltimore & Ohio RR
Aug 9th 1862
Reply to inquiries made concertning refusal by the company of certain passes to nurses. Replied to Aug 12th 1862

aug 12 1862
Book A 761. B
Recd August 14th 1862

[Ed. note: The verso also includes a largely illegible account of the nurse's expulsion from the Baltimore and Ohio train on August 2nd, as related by Dorothea Dix.]

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  • Source: Letter from J. W. Garrett to General M. C. Meigs
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 92, Subgroup 1367, Box 1
  • Date: August 8, 1862