In The Beginning

"Before entering upon our narrative we will indulge in a few remarks upon the birth and ancestry of the principal actor in our drama—Steam; and yet, in so doing, we are sadly puzzled to know where to begin, or where to leave off. To what master-mind does the world owe the great idea? Is it to Fulton? Both Fitch and Ramsey used it before his day, and they got it from Oliver Evans, and he doubtless from Watt; and Watt, through Savary, Papin, and others, was beholden to the Marquis of Worcester. And is it not proven that the Marquis obtained the secret in France, from poor Solomon De Caus? who was imprisoned for trying to force the idea into Richelieu's head against the will of the imperious Cardinal…"
Part of the article "Artists' Excursion Over The Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road."

About this Document

  • Source: Harper's New Monthly Magazine
  • Publisher: Harper and Brothers, Publishers
  • Date: 1859