Letter from B.J. Earl to Jennie Reed, September 29, 1862

In this letter from September 29, 1862, B.J. Earl, Samuel Reed's brother-in-law, writes to his sister Jennie Reed requesting family news. He describes excitement over the war and enlistment in Pennsylvania and also details the progress of railroad construction in the area. He notes that their sister, Lettie, was forced to leave her home "on account of the Indian troubels [sic] in Minna" and asks if Samuel Reed's brother, Erastus Reed, enlisted in the war.

Dear Sister Jennie

As it has been a long time since I have heard from you and as the war excitement is subsiding I will write hopeing [sic] to hear from yourself and famialy [sic] in return The war excitement has been very great here nearly all of our young men have volenteered [sic] and some of them were in the late terrible battels [sic] in Maryland Coursen Webster and Leonard Taggrt who are in the Army passed through the battels [sic] safely Drafting has not been resorted to as yet but has been postponed until the 15 of October in this state. The enrollment in this county has been taken and all the nessessary [sic] preparations concluded I recieved [sic] an appointment as Post Master about two months since which places me among the exempts I am still selling good and do very well for war times The work on the Rail Road [sic] has been resumed and times are more lively The track is now lain in the mouth of the Sinnamahoning [sic] which is twenty five miles below this place In one year from this time I think you can visit us by Rail Road [sic] Mary is not in very good health although she is not sick much of the time She is troubled with the rheumatism The little boys are growing finely I wish you could see them Julia and the girls are getting along very well I saw them a few days since Julia [sic] little boy is a fine fat fellow Have you given up all idea of visiting old Pennsylvania again Mr. Reed I suppose is farming. Did he have good crops this year? Farm produce must be very low in the west this year. We received a letter from Sister Lettie She had to leave her home on account of the Indian troubels [sic] in Minna You doubtless have heard from her ere tis Where is Erastus Reed Did he enlist in the war

Little Annie I suppose is quite a large little lady She attends school and can write letters can she not I will close for the present I do not expect an answer from this as I have written you a number of times within the last two years without receiving any Pleas [sic] address me at Sterling Run Cameron Co Pennsylvania where all favors will be gladly attended to with promptness and dispatch

Hopeing [sic] you will not fail to write I remain your affectionate bro
B.J. Earl

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from B.J. Earl to Jennie Reed
  • Extent: 4 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 28
  • Date: September 29, 1862