Letter from Adna Anderson to Daniel Craig McCallum, July 12, 1864

A report about the state of the railroads around Nashville in the wake of ongoing guerilla destruction.

United States Military Railroads
Office of General Superintendent
Military Division of the Mississippi

Col. D. C. McCallum
Director and Gen. Manager Mil. R.Rd. Washington


In compliance with your order by telegraph I report progress more fully by mail than in my dispatches.

From here to Chattanooga the road is working very well, very little trouble from guerrillas. From Chattanooga to Marietta the enemy troubles us exceedingly. Within a week they have captured and destroyed two trains (loaded) and threw another off the track smashing engine and cars. Scarcely a day passes that something is not done to cause the loss of one or more cars.

In a telegram from Gen. Sherman sent days ago he said "Keep McCallum advised." "that he must be prepared to lose half a dozen or more trains every month by guerrillas and dashes on road which cannot be remedied."

Taylor is doing good work at Chattanooga, though his health is bad.

I sent Lt. Col. L. P. Wright to Memphis to help Goodhue, who was severely presssed by the requirements of the Military Authorities there and having no commissioned officer to aid him. He is expected to return soon and I will then send him to Col. Smith.

The reason for repairing Memphis & Charleston R. R. was to supply the troops of Maj. Gen. A. J. Smith (some 25,000 men) who are near Corinth to protect Gen. Sherman's rear from Forrest. The latter is somewhere in North Mississippi or Alabama with a large force (15,000 to 20,000 men, mostly mounted) watching a chance to come this way.

A. Q. M. has reported to Capt. Crane (Capt. John Parks) who will go to Memphis in a few days.

We are now running trains to Vinings, eleven miles from Atlanta.

I enclose copy of communication from Col. Donaldson.

Very Respectfully,

A. Anderson

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Adna Anderson to Daniel Craig McCallum
  • Source: Letter from Adna Anderson to Daniel Craig McCallum
  • Extent: 1 page
  • Extent: 1 page
  • Citation: National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 92, Subgroup 1664, Letters Received by D. C. McCallum and A. Anderson, 1864
  • Date: July 12, 1864