Carroll Requests Hayes' Assistance

On July 20, 1877, Maryland Governor John L. Carroll requests military assistance from President Rutherford B. Hayes to stop the "rioters" and prevent "domestic violence."

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"His Excellency, R.B. Hayes:

"SIR—An assemblage of rioters that cannot be dispersed by any force at my command, has taken possession of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad depot here, set fire to the same, and have driven off all the firemen who attempted to extinguish the flames, and it is impossible, with the force at my command, to disperse the rioters. Under the circumstances, as Governor of the State of Maryland, I call upon you, as President of the United States, to furnish the force necessary to protect the State against domestic violence. The Legislature of the State is not in session, and cannot be convened in time to meet the emergency.

"JOHN LEE CARROLL, Governor of Maryland"

About this Document

  • Source: Baltimore Sun
  • Author: Baltimore Sun
  • Published: Baltimore
  • Date: July 20, 1877