Carroll's Response to McCrary

On July 21, 1877, Maryland Governor John L. Carroll sends Secretary of War George W. McCray a report, informing him that order has been restored in the state.

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Camden Station, Md.,
July 21.

To Hon. George W. McCrary:

Order has been restored for the present, and I hope we may be able to restrain violence with our military and the police. There is increasing lawlessness at Cumberland, and as I will not be able to send a force from here, I may be obliged to ask the government for aid. I will communicate again in the morning. Please convey my thanks to the President for promptly responding to my request.


About this Document

  • Source: History of Maryland from the Earliest Period to the Present Day
  • Author: J. Thomas Scharf
  • Publisher: John B. Piet
  • Published: Baltimore
  • Date: July 21, 1877