Sturgis, MI Speech, 1896-09-03

Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

Speech by William Jennings Bryan
Thursday, September 3, 1896
Depot, Sturgis, MI

Source: NOMINEE ENTERS INDIANA., Each Town in Turn Gives Mr. Bryan a Warm Welcome, Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition), Friday, September 4, 1896

"If the gold standard is a good thing, why does the Republican party pledge itself to get rid of it as soon as other nations will come to our help? (Applause.) If the gold standard is a bad thing, then why keep that bad thing for a single moment? The American people are entitled to good things. They are not deserving of being punished with bad things that other nations may want to impose upon them. We did not consult the nations of the earth when we desired to set up a government for ourselves. Neither should we consult them when we want to establish a financial policy of our own. (Applause.) The Republican party has done what no party heretofore has done. It has declared that we must endure a financial policy that is satisfactory to European nations until those European nations come to us and permit us to have what we ourselves want. (Applause.) I am not surprised that people are feeling interested in this campaign. I am not surprised that there is an earnestness that has not often been manifested before."

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  • Source: Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition)
  • Published: Omaha, NE
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  • Date: September 3, 1896