Claudius Crozet's Comparative Estimate of the Five Lowest Bids Offered for Blue Ridge Tunnel No. 1, January 21, 1850

Claudius Crozet offers the Board of Public Works his assessment of the bids for one section of the Tunnel project.

Comparative Estimate of the five lowest bids offered for the Blue ridge tunnel No. 1 Jany. 21st, 1805

Quantities of WorkJno. I W. Rutter.Richard Fox.John Kelly & Co.Jonas H. MoreG. B. Manby.Remarks.
Excavation, 46,500 C. yards315146,47500324150,66000350162,75000385179,02500390181,35000
Arching at portals 57 M. bricks140079800110062700110062700120068400116066120
Packing over arches 75 C. yards7052502001500080600017513125906750
Cut masonry of portals 220 C. yards50011000012002640001000220000850187000875192500
2 Drains Concrete 100 "5005000030030000125125007007000022522500
Paving 100 Sq. yards75750035035000150150002002000018018000
Total Amounts of Tunnel$149,00050$154,72700$165,91200$182,61025$184,40870
Excavation Stony ground 12,000 yds38456000253,00000253,00000354,20000
Rock 12,000 "9010,80000657,800008510,2000015018,000008721,00000
Extra hauling 10,000 yds 5 hundred ft0150000042,00000021,000000150000031,50000
do. 50,000 yds 3 " "011,50000046,00000023,000001,50000034,50000
Walling, dry 480 cubic yards2101,00800195888001657920025x 1200013766000
" for 2 cowpits 40 "21084001957400165680025x 10001375500x doubtful prices
" Rockwork 216 "36077760245529201653564075x 162005121,10700
Riprapping 11,400 C yds404,56000758,55000505,700008,55000758,55000
Turning the road, about 1/8 of a mile.50005000500050005000
Clearing and Grubbing 1 acre400060002000300050007500150x 22530004500
Total amounts of Approaches$23,89960$28,92120$24,24140$33,09425$37,46700
Total Estimates without Arching$172,90010$183,64820$190,15340$215,70450$221,87570

From all appearances the excavation will probably consist chiefly of compact sandstone; so that very little interference will be experienced from water and no arching will be necessary: it may nevertheless be proper to introduce this element into the comparison of the Bids. The following statement exhibits the influence of this circumstance on the bids, under the supposition that one half of the Tunnel will require arching with brick.

Rutter had not the confidence of the Board having already failed to comply with [?] Fox also had not the confidence of the Bo. Had been [?] a partner of Rutter

Additional Excavation 4,700 c. yards31514,8050032415,2280035016,4500038518,0950039018,33000
Arch 1,400 M. bricks117517,15500125018,25000130018,9800018,25000120017,52000
Packing 2,000 c. yds701,400002004,00000801,600003,50000901,80000
Total Amounts for Arching$33,36000$37,47800$37,03000$39,84500$37,65000
Aggregates including Arching$206,26010$221,12620$227,18340$255,54900$259,52570

C. Crozet
Eng. B. R. R. R.

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  • Source: Claudius Crozet's Comparative Estimate of the Five Lowest Bids Offered for Blue Ridge Tunnel No. 1, January 21, 1850
  • Author: Claudius Crozet
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Archives, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA, Virginia Board of Public Works, Entry 125 "Blue Ridge Railroad", Box 215, Last Folder
  • Date: January 21, 1850