Letter from Willard Grant to George P. Cather, undated

In this letter, Willard Grant asks George P. Cather numerous questions about life in Nebraska, including the method for constructing a good sod house, the possibility of raising fruit, the availability of water and timber, and the opportunities for additional work as a mason.

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G. P. Cather
agent B. and M. R. Com.

? How do they build sod houses are they good to stand storms it is a mistery [sic] how they make roofs out of sods that are good for anything

Dear Sir I have the pleasure to earnestly direct your attention to the following described lands lying and situate as per map in Township 3 Range 11 Webster Co. Neb. and describe more particuarly as follows.

To Wit. N.E 1/4, Sec. 31, N.E 1/4 and N.W 1/4 Sec.21, N.E 1/4 and S.E 1/4 Sec. 33, also S.E 1/4 Sec. 29. These lands with quite a quantily [sic] more in the Township in which Catherton is located is denoted on the B. & M Map as belonging to said Road.

Now please answer at the earliest possible moment the following Questions and Oblige

1st What are the price of these lands I have described

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2nd Are these lands on record on the Recording Books at Red Cloud So that I could assertain [sic] without doubt that the B. and M's title was free and clear from all incumberance [sic]

3rd Is this land bluffy.

4th How many acres on an average of this land should you think is good level plough land. per. 40.

5th How wide are the Streams that are denoted on the map as running thorugh them and do they run rapidly

6th Are thare [sic] any stone ledges on the banks of those streams or else whare [sic] on the land and if not how far woul [sic] I have to draw stone to any of these lands also how far sand and lime

7th Is there any timber to speak of on these streams and if any what kind.

Are they preparing to build much at Cowls [sic] . How many month do you fodder

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? How late do they plant sod corn How much does it go per acre do they hoe it

8th How far to dig for well water

9th Whare [sic] shall I have to go to get a Deed.

? Price per acre for breaking

10th I want you should send me a map of Webster County with the price of the lands I have described marked in plain figures and also all the B. & M lands in your Town that is in Township 3. R. 11. If you can be thus exsplisit [sic] I think it will do much good.

12th Please mark in red chalk where the Road goes in connexion [sic] with these lands that I have described on the Map that I hope you will send.

13th How many people in the Town

14th Does the Apple & peach do well, Years to grow apple & peach has any peaches been raised in Town

do they winter Kill

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15th I hope you will not miss a single Question and be particular to make figures plain.

N. B. I shall want to work at my trade which is masons. Can I get work at your place Catherton or Cowles and by the by how many people at Catherton and also at Cowles. I should think there would be a good deal of stone layin [sic] chimney building and plastering or do the new comers have to put up sod houses how do be exsplicit [sic] about work at my trade as I should very much dislike to come expecting work at Masoning and get disappointed State also wages

Can mason work be done in winter or in other language do masons work at building in Winter on sellers [sic] , walls chimney building and brick work

Your most Obedient

Willard Grant Direct
Willard Grant
Hebron Jefferson Co Th's

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  • Source: Letter from Willard Grant to George P. Cather
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  • Collector: Mary Weddle
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  • Date: N.D.