Letter from Samuel Lincoln to George P. Cather, September 28, 1901

On September 28, 1901, Samuel Lincoln writes to George P. Cather proposing a buyout of a quarter section of Lincoln's land in Thomas County, Kansas. After assuring Cather that he is not another "land shark", Lincoln also offers to buy Cather's adjoining land if Cather is not interested in buying his. Lincoln feels that he cannot successfully sell or rent such a small parcel of land and that it would be more valuable combined with another holding. The 160 acres of land that originally drew settlers to railroad land as a great opportunity now appeared too small a portion to be of any value on its own.

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Mr Geo P. Cather
Bladen Nebraska

Dear Sir-

I take upon myself the privilage [sic] of writing to you the third time hoping that you will not be offended at me for doing so. As you have not answered any one of my letters I take it to granted that you have been annoyed almost to death by land sharks, and have taken me to be one of them also but I will say that I am not one of them. My cause for writing to you

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is this, that I own the quarter section of land laying on the north of yours which I bought some time ago from E. E. Devre of Nebraska. And will say that I can not [sic] rent or sell the land and it is a bill of expense to me or dead property. Now then how would you like to buy me out at a reasonable price? Or how would you like to sell out to me? I will say that land in Thomas Co is selling from $100.00 up to $250.00 that is in the neighborhood of our land at Quickville. Now then I think a man should own more land in order to make a sale or to rent the land. I think if one own land enough in that locality he might be able to sell or rent so that he might be able to get a low rate of interest on the money that he may have invested in such lands.

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Now then Mr Cather I will make you an offer of two-hundred and twenty-five dollars ($22500) in cash for the SE 1/4—6-7-35 in Thomas County Kansas.

If you will give me a warranty deed and a perfect title for this land with all taxes paid up that are due including 1900. And if you would rather buy my land please make me an offer on the same. Now I will register this letter to you hopig that you will excuse me for doing so but my desire is to know that the right man receives this letter. please let me hear from you at your

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earliest convenience. Now then you may like to know how I would pay you for your land I will say if you sell to me I would expect you to furnish me with an abstract of title and a warranty deed sent to some bank here in Denver for collection no matter what bank it would be and allow me to examine the papers [& ] in the presence of the Bankers or Bank and to deliver to me on the payment of the above sum which I have on hand at the present time. And if I should sell my land to you I would expect to do the same thing by you.

Yours Respectfully

Samuel Lincoln

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  • Date: September 28, 1901