Letter from John McConhie to John Kellogg, September 23, 1857

John McConihe writes to John Kellogg on September 23, 1857 about the loan he has made to John Newton to enable him to leave town and provides an account of their business expenses in settling Beatrice, Nebraska.

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Omaha Sept. 23d 1857

Friend John

Enclosed please find abstract of a/c desired by you. It is not entire, as you will see the item for plastering is in blank, the bill for the same having been paid by me at the date thereof by loaning money to the plasterer and as he owes me I cannot get a settlement. Said item will be about $40#. I have charged also for $150# loaned Newton Meay [sic] 6 1857. He wished money toget out of town with and I let him have it. His note is now due but I have not called on him for it, as I have good security, Lot 4 Block 123 being held in our (your and my) name. I could not refuse to let him have t in consideration ofwhat he had done for us. If you do not consider it legitimately as concerning you say so and I will call on him for it. Otherwise we will let him pay it at his leisure.

Our expenses have been great as you will see by the a/c and I trust there is an end of them. I of course would not have incurred such great expenses, did I not

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expect we would do a business, you would come out and the Land would come in market. I on my own hook, could have rented much cheaper that to build. I have felt somewhat from the tone of your last letters, that you were piqued at something I had done, and I feel that I do not deserve it. Hard times, has caught me in the midst of my calculations, consequently many of them must fail. If we understood each other when we set out, I trust and believe we shall not misunderstand each other now. Wait for the wagon, John.

By the books you are credied with$2602.83
Cost of building taxes &c Dr —748.77
Cost of Beatrice to date about225.00
Bal due you to say nothing about expenses$1628
Deduct money sent by Moffat424
And there is due you about1204

which amount I will place in your hands as soon as I can. The ties here are perfectly awful, no money in town, Gold (what little there is) is selling @ 5 pr.ct. no exchange or Eastern Currency. I wrote Father about some Reciprocity — I had taken and how. I shall try and get away in November.

Yours truly

John McConihe

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  • Date: September 23, 1857