Letter from John McConihe to John Kellogg, November 6, 1858

John McConihe's November 6, 1858 letter to John Kellogg contains information about their plans for additional land transactions and McConihe's efforts to pass bills through the territorial legislature on behalf of their town, Beatrice. He also reports that construction on a railroad in Council Bluffs, Iowa has begun and his hopes that it will "in three years connect us with N.Y." McConihe is not excited about another Nebraska winter and requests that Kellogg renew his subscription to a New York newspaper.

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Friend John

I wrote you yesterday, relative to your raising my $1000# and I hope you will speedily accomodate me with it.

I also enclosed a 40 acre Land Warrant which I wished you to sell and forward me the proceeds. There will be no doubt about your money getting a good circulation and you can mark it for an experiment. I will also stamp "Nebraska Land and Banking Co." on its back.

I have brought it about so as to get those two lots

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we lost in Fort Calhoun and handed over $4.50 for the same yesterday.

I have been working bills thro' the Legislature for Beatrice and hope some of them will ultimately benefit it.

I have no doubt but that you can get a good price for your 160 Land Wt in the spring and you will have to sacrifice on it in N.Y. and perhaps it would be better to let it lay here. But I await instructions No sale for them here now. The Legislature has gone and with it the "life of the town." All seems quiet now.

I shall have hard work

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to "put in" this long winter in this Territory. Think of me now and then and write often.

Don't say any thing about my borrowing that money.

They have commenced work of the M. & M. R. R. at C. Bluffs and we hope three years will connect us with N.Y.

Please Send $3.50 of that money to have "John McConihe's subscription to the N.Y. Herald continued six month's."

Remember me to the boys and I am

Yours truly

John McConihe

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