Letter from John McConihe to John Kellogg, August 11, 1860

In this August 11, 1860 letter to John Kellogg, John McConihe writes of his speculation with gold rush miners and his anticipation of the appointment of a congressional delegate from the Nebraska territory. He also notes that a telegraph is being built in Omaha and that he feels this will lead to further settlement in Nebraska.

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John B Kellogg Esq
Cash Central Bank of Troy

Dear John

Please credit me with the enclosed seventeen dollars.

I feel as if I was doing very well now and hope to make a little money this summer. I am speculating on a small scale in freighting to the mines. I have a mule and a horse team engaged now and when they return, I expect to have cleared about $400. I buy my own goods and own my own team hire my teamsters and consign my goods to a responsible firm in Denver. With good luck I shall make on this trip about $400 ready cash. I made on the last trip $287, but have more

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expensive goods loaded on this trip.

We are getting excited about the election of Delegate to Congress from this Territory and will have a warm time. We care but little about National Politics, when our interest are at stake.

A telegraph is bui being built from Omaha West, and also South, to connect with St. Joseph (which is connected with N.York), and this will establish Omaha as a point and establish our route over all others. Emigrants will follow the wires and come into Omaha. I had to subscribe $50#.

I wish you would come out this fall; if you don't I will try and come East, (as soon as I can spare the money)


John McConihe

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  • Source: Letter from John McConihe to John Kellogg
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  • Citation: Archives and Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries, John McConihe Correspondence, Archives and Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries, MS308, Box 1, Folder 7
  • Date: August 11, 1860