Letter from John McConihe to John Kellogg, October 18, 1860

John McConihe's October 18, 1860 letter to John Kellogg reports his frustration over the death of one of his mules on the supply wagon he has sent to the West and reports the close results of the election for a Congressional delegate. The telegraph line has been extended from Omaha to Kearney, and this, coupled with a stagecoach route from Omaha to Denver, indicates to him that Nebraskans "are getting to be of some account."

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Friend John

I enclose you the Check of Henry C Banks on the Mercantile Bank of New York dated Oct 9 1860 for $3 00/100 which please pass to my credit.

Our election has passed and the result is so doubtful and close, that we cannot tell who is elected to Congress. It looks now as if there would not be 20 votes different either way.

I see Isaac is nominated for Congress and I hope you will be able to give him a vote. Abe is a clever fellow, but he has been elected twice and should be satisfied. I of course would like to see Ike succeed.

I have heard from my train at Kearney, and my partner says one of the mules is dead. All

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I can say is, "cuss" the Jackass.

The wire is being stretched on the poles between Omaha and Kearney, and soon the electic fluid will flash from Kearney on the Platte to New York. We have a stage and express line now from Omaha to Denver. In fact we are getting to be some account.

Did you get my telegraph about the package and how soon?

The weather is most glorious and we all feel good.

Write soon. Regards to Mose, Tim, Fank, Mart, &c, &c.

John McConihe

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  • Date: October 18, 1860