Letter from John McConihe to John Kellogg, December 23, 1860

In this December 23, 1860 letter from John McConihe to John Kellogg, McConihe recounts the fate of the freight he sent to Denver and his plans to send another supply train west in February. McConihe also informs Kellogg of his plans to return to New York and expresses his confidence that the Union will "be patched up" in time for him to turn a profit the next year.

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John B. Kellogg Esq
Troy N.York

Dear John

I have this day sent you by express, charges paid $640 in Coin, and a box of Gold dust valued in Denver at $363 47/100. I wish you would send the dust to N.York and have it sold for what it will bring, either more or less, and apply both in payment of the $1000 note due Jany 3" 1861. Should the dust fall short, which I do nto think, you can take funds from my deposit to make up the deficiency.

I have over $1000# in goods at Denver at this time. When my last train arrived at Denver the market was very dull and my partner was unable to sell only the butter and lard, which was about half the loading. Sugar Molasses &c could not be sold and they are now in

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store at Denver. My Mules & men are in here on expense and it is my intention to send the train back in February, with such loading as will sell immediately. I have twelve mules and corresponding outfit for the plains and it will not do for them to remain idle all winter. To send them West I must have credit either here or East for about $1000# for four months & then I shall be out of the woods on the present speculation. I can buy, what I wish to send West, here, on time, but I can buy much cheaper with the cash, enough cheaper to pay the expense of getting the money from the East at fair rates. Now, I will pay the same for the use of an other $1000 for four months that has been paid on this last and will guarantee to you its prompt payment at maturity. The Government owes me now, some $1100, and I expect to get this by the 10th Jan'y and have made calculations for the use of it all. I shall

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make all I can out of Government, between this and the removal of the Governor and leave very little in the Treasury for my successor.

Should you be willing to send me $1000 in currency, please send it on the 15th Jan'y and I will send you a note endorsed by Morton @ 4 mo's. The currency will get a better circulation than the last, as the boats are not here to pick it up.

I am afraid Government will neglect to pay promptly and wish to be prepared for any emergency.

If you send the money, I will immediately or as soon as the loading can be purchased, start my train for Denver and start myself for Troy. As soon as the train is off, I shall go East. I shall not send under any circumstances before the 1st February and then we must be governed by the weather. Write

Yours truly

John McConihe

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P.S. I have no fears but what the Union will be patched up and I hope to make some money next year.

Regards to all.

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  • Date: December 23, 1860