Letter from Sarah Sim to Electa, October 12, 1856

In this letter from October 12, 1856, Sarah Sim writes to her sister, Electa, and details her family's small home and the favorable land they have purchased. Though she describes the roads in southeast Nebraska as "first rate", she notes her disappointment in not yet receiving any mail or the remainder of her family's possessions. She remarks that the country is "filling up very fast" and that most of their neighbors are "eastern people".

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Sunday Eve

Dear Sister

As I have just got the children asleep quietly I will try to write you a few lines. I am sitting in our little cabin which serves for bedroom parlor and kitchen 10 ft by 12 so you may think I have but little room to turn round in. However I manage to get along pretty well. I have got a stove a table six chairs a bed a rocking chair little chair and a cottonwood cradle. We bought a claim about 2 1/2 or 3 miles from the City (if so I may call it) with some improvements on it some corn and fence and a yoke of oxen. Our house is situated near a grove and a few rods from a brook so that we have a plenty of wood and water. The water here is all hard and bad to wash with. The weather is very dry

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and the country presents a very dry appearance. We have neighbours not far from us. They are mostly eastern people that are settled around us. The land here is rich and fertile. The soil is as black as a coalpit bottom with no rocks or stones. The wind blows very hard here sometimes and it seems as if would blow our little house away. I can't tell how I shall like it yet the country is new there are a great many inconveniences to be put up with for some time to come but the country is filling up very fast and a few years will make a great deal of diferance [sic] in its appearance. We have got a very good place. it is 8 or 9 miles from Nebraska City which is building up quite fast. The roads here are first rate. I feel rather lonely and homesick sometimes when I think how far away from home and friends I am. I have not heard from any of you since we left. We have written several letters 2 while we were on our journey

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and several since we came here. I bore the journey very well. Helen got along very well, she is a very good traveler. Willis and the baby were very troublsom [sic] They coughed very hard and Willis had the diharrea [sic] a great deal. They have got some better now and I hope they will soon be quite well again. On the whole we got along as well as I expected to. We have not got our freight yet and I feel somewhat anxious about it. It is now going on six weeks since we left Middletown. We want our things very much. We borrowed a few things of the [neighbors] to keep house with. We received a letter from Willis stating that he has got an addition to his family and that was going to start for the east in two or three weeks from that time with his family. I should like to be there and visit with you very much. I suppose you are at Fair Haven before this time, Write me as soon as you receive this. Tell me how Wealthy is getting along and whether

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Margaret is there and what has become of Stafford and where is Julia and all the news you can think of. I want to know how all of you are getting along. My love to Wealthy, tell her to write me as soon as she gets able. My love to all. I feel well and hearty. The air here is very pure and healthy. Helen and Willie send their love to Kate. They often speak of her and aunt Electa. I should like to hear from Margaret. Tell me whereabouts she is I will send this to Middletown and our father can read it and send it to you.

Your affectionate Sister

Sarah M. Sim

Dear Sister Electa I wish you would come out here next spring and see the country and stop with us a while. I am sure you would like this part of the world. What is become of Stafford. Write us soon. My kind love to all. Yours affly Francis Sim

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  • Source: Letter from Sarah Sim to Electa
  • Extent: 4 pages
  • Citation: Nebraska State Historical Society, Sim Family, RG3435, Box 1, Folder 1
  • Date: October 12, 1856