Letter from Francis Sim to John C. Clark, August 15, 1858

Francis Sim's August 15, 1858 letter to his brother, John C. Clark describes the results of "the Election" and his great satisfaction in the triumph of "the People" over the Democrats-a marked contrast, he observes, to the political events in Kansas. He also reports on the development of Otoe, Nebraska, and the corruption that marks land sales in the area. Though times are hard, he thinks that his family has enough, and he gives a full listing of his crops and livestock.

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Dear Brother

Yours dated June 27th has been recd for this some time past, and I intended to have answered it long before this but I thought I would let it be until after our Election. Our two parties are Democrats & the People, those two parties forms the Election. I am glad to tell you the People's ticket gained the day by over 70 majority in this County. We do not feel to let the Democrat party have the power in Nebraska the same has [sic] they have done down in our Sister Territory Kansas.

With regards to the City of Otoe it is but small at this time grows but slowly has a few good Buildings and a number of small ones. Never expect to see it so large has [sic] the City New York in my day. What I call a one horse town. This is a good point for a town or city. There has been so much rascality about this town sight [sic] carried on by the former parties that holded [sic] it killed this little City of Otoe. This present Company jumped the town sight and has since preempted it and can legaly [sic] make sale of those building lots, but the fact is how do you know that the ones selling those lots of Otoe City are the right parties. Do not buy any. Has [sic] it respects the crops the wheat crop has become a failure all through this Country

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corn & potatoes will be good a great crop we expect oats are very light, owing to the rust. Much the same has [sic] the wheat. Money is rather scarce and hard times at this time for many. We are thankful to kind providence for what we have. We have a plenty. I had two acres of wheat which I plowed down and sowed into buckwheat and looks good. I have 1 1/2 acre potatoes 17 acres corn a good garden mush & water melons not ripe yet. This is a very fine Country a great plenty of grapes. Still continue to send things to Utah for the support of the forces. Nebraska City is a larger place same being large brick buildings, There is one new large Hotel has [sic] large has [unclear] House in Middletown & one more near compleated [sic] about the same size. We are all well with the exception of a boil on the back of my foot. We have sixteen head of horned cattle one horse eight large hogs and expect two families more soon of the hog sows, and upwards of one hundred chickens. We should be very happy to have you make us a visit and see this great Country. We live 1 1/2 mile from the great Missouri River 2 1/2 miles from Otoe City. We hope this will find you all well. I suppose that Margaret by this time has gone the way that Sarah, Electa, Wealthy has. Good luck to her.

I remain your Sincere Friend

Francis Sim

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  • Source: Letter from Francis Sim to John C. Clark
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Nebraska State Historical Society, Sim Family, RG3435, Box 1, Folder 1
  • Date: August 15, 1858