Couldn't Ride on the Sleeper

The ejection of Reverend H. F. Lee from a Georgia railcar is reported.


A Colored Minister in Georgia Made to Take the Smoking-Car.

ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 17. - [Special.] A well-known colored preacher from Pennsylvania, the Rev. H. F. Lee, was put off the Georgia Railroad sleeper Saturday night and was compelled to finish his journey in the smoking-car. He was on his way to accept a call to a colored church in Augusta. When the other side of Madison half a dozen white men entered the sleeper and, shaking the preacher roughly, ordered him to move quickly. Mr. Lee made no objection but quietly retired from the sleeper, saying that he would always obey the rules of the company.

About this Document

  • Source: Chicago Daily Tribune
  • Published: Chicago
  • Date: December 18, 1888