Rev. Mr. Heard's Railroad Case

The case of Rev. William Heard versus the Georgia Railroad Company is heard before the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Rev. Mr. Heard's Railroad Case.

From the Washington People's Advocate.

The case of Rev. W. H. Heard against the Georgia Railroad was heard before the Inter-State Commerce Commission Thursday. J. W. Cromwell and W. C. Martin appeared for the petitioner and J. B. Cumming for the Georgia Railroad. Rev. W. H. Heard testified to the inferior condition of the car, to the presence of whites who smoked, cursed and drank whisky, although a colored lady was a passenger. The railroad did not present any testimony denying this condition of things on that day, but only testimony as to the general rules and custom prevailing. Mr. Martin opened for the petitioner in a statement of the law bearing on the case and the facts as applicable to the law. Mr. Cumming responded for the road in a very plausible speech, signifying a willingness to do what was right, but frankly avowing the purpose of the road to keep up separation as long as possible. Mr. Cromwell closed the argument. The court reserved their decision. The argument of counsel will be printed in full together with the facts in the case, in pamphlet form.

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  • Source: New York Age
  • Date: December 24, 1887