Untitled [Through the action of the separate coach law]

A reponse from the Southern Pacific following an Interstate Commerce Commission ruling that African Americans making trips crossing state lines could not be ejected from first-class cars.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Sept. 3. - Through the action of the separate coach law the State of Texas is in trouble with the Federal authorities. Recently a negro boarded the west-bound Southern Pacific train in Louisiana, purchasing a first-class ticket. He was seated in the sleeper when the train crossed the Texas line. Despite his protests he was ejected and forced to take a seat in the negro car. He appealed to the Inter State Commerce Commission and so did the road. The commission said the negro was right.

The Southern Pacific to-day issued an order to all its conductors in this State. It says: "Colored people making inter-State trips have a right to accommodation in all sleeping and chair cars if they can secure first-class tickets of the agents. But where colored people are making local State trips they are entitled to sleeping or chair cars under any consideration unless the car is placed in the train and held exclusively for colored passengers."

Southern Pacific officials say it is evident the Inter State Commerce Commission proposes to pay no attention whatever to State law, and in order to have as little trouble as possible they will obey the mandate of the Federal authorities.

About this Document

  • Source: New York Times
  • Published: City
  • Date: September 3, 1891