This is an image of Wheeling, Ohio, the original terminus of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, in The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857.

THE ORIGINAL TERMINUS OF THE BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD. The Railway Station appears on the Bank of the Ohio, and the Wire Suspension bridge in the middle ground.

About this Document

  • Source: The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857
  • Source: Embracing a Full Account of the Opening of the Ohio & Mississippi , and the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroads , and the Northwestern Virginia Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with Histories and Descriptions of the Same; and an Account of the Subsequent Excursion to Baltimore , Washington and Norfolk , and the Receptions and Entertainments There of the State Authorities of Ohio , and the Municipal Representatives of St. Louis , Cincinnati and Chillicothe .
  • Author: Wm. Prescott Smith
  • Publisher: D. Appleton & Co.
  • Published: New York
  • Citation: unnumbered
  • Date: 1858