Letter from Mary C.E. to Jennie Reed, March 26, 1865

In this letter from March 26, 1865, Mary C.E. writes to Jennie Reed, wife of Samuel Reed, describing flooding which has damaged the local railroad and bridges, preventing mail from getting through. She discusses the drafting of a family member, who has not yet received his notice and may therefore avoid having to report for duty. She also notes that an acquaintance died sixteen days after receiving a wound to the ankle in the war, and that his family did not learn of his death for two weeks.

Dear Sister Jennie

You are worndring [sic] why you dond [sic] here [sic] from us unless heard of the [wild]. [Level] of the 16 very near as high as the rising one destroyed everything the R Road and bridges so the cars have not been through yet but think they will tomorrow. We here [sic] of more damage of on other streams than here and will more when we get mail. I wrote you a short line the eight the day of the draft received yours the 9 and thought would wait a short time before answering, and finaly [sic] had to wait a long time. We are all well and contenting ourselves as well as we can abut [sic] Byron being drafted for he never got his notice and if they don't send it he won't have to report they have until the 22 of next month befor [sic] they report that gives them a chance to get their lumber down the river and make arrangements for the [depending] year.

I never told you about Philadelphia we did not leave untill [sic] Sunday night. Magyie and I went out Saturday morning eleven o'clock to the Kensington Depo [sic] to meet you whare [sic] was you to [sic] bad did not see you for I had a letter for you from home thought to let you read it before sending to Mr. Reed. I went to Mrs. Felt's Friday morning came back at noon to go to the Acadame [sic] of Musick [sic] had a nice time but did not see Byron and Jerome until it was out then night came and we did not start for home. But arrived safe but some tierd [sic] Monday one 6 clock [sic] as we was three hours late, tell [Nervia] I will write her soon and [mine] but hope to here [sic] from them when we get through mail. All well at Shippen. George was here Friday tell [Nervia] Mrs. Meenly is dead has been sick all the spring, [Delofs] Taggart is dead was wounded the 6 in the ankle and died the 22 Feb they did not here [sic] of his death for to [sic] weeks don't nothing about him only they wrote to the [Reege] he had died from the effects of his wound. Leonard [Bars] wrote to Thomson. Flora was very sick at the time but is some better.

Love to all and kiss the dear little girls for me, while I remain your loving
Sister Mary C.E.

Don't forget to write soon.

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Mary C. E. to Jennie Reed
  • Extent: 3 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 32
  • Date: March 26, 1865