Letter from John R. Boyle to Samuel B. Reed, November 26, 1860

In this letter from November 26, 1860, John R. Boyle writes to Samuel Reed from Washington , Iowa describing the character of work on the railroad there. He states that the work is "very light," and approves of the fact that the company "has ordered their expenses very low." He notes that after he paid all of his men he received $2,600 instead of $5,600, but believes all will be well eventually. Boyle also writes that he has not heard back from "those Cedar Rapids people" regarding some work, but he does not believe they have enough money to offer work in any case. He says that not much will be done over the winter with "the country in such a disturbed state."

Washington Iowa

Saml B Reed Esqr
Dear Sir

I should have wrote you before this but have been waiting to hear from those Cedar Rapids people. They said I should have some work but they are in my estimation unable to do anything for want of the necessary means (money). The work on the road is very light. Our Co has ordered their expenses very low, a feature I like very much in them. I paid off all my men and got 2600 dollars instead of getting 5600. I think all will be right by & by. I cooked a few of the [Canted] potatoes you sent me. They are the kind. Mr Ufford has been here yesterday and preaches for us. It is my opinion there will be but little See over done this winter. The country is in such a disturbed state. I myself don't feel half inclined to do anything this winter supposing it did offer. Mrs. Boyle, Peter, Robert & myself are all well and hope you, Mrs. Reed and Annie are all well. Write soon.

Yours Very Respectfully
John R. Boyle

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from John R. Boyle to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 26
  • Date: November 26, 1860