Letter from Chester Weed to Samuel B. Reed, October 26, 1860

In this letter from October 26, 1860, Chester Weed writes to Samuel Reed regarding the possible sale of right-of-way and depot ground near Oskaloosa, Iowa to the Mahaska County Railroad Company. Weed states he would like to be sure they get the most possible out of the land, but does not want "our interest so tied up that we can't give right of way to the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad if they ever want it." He asks Samuel Reed to go out to Oskaloosa as soon as possible and see to the situation, as he is much better acquainted with the "lay of the land."

S.B. Reed Esq
Dear Sir

You are probably aware that I have been compelled to take Mr. Patterson interest in some land adjoining Oskaloosa of which I understand you also have an undivided interest. The Mahaska County Rail Road Co. are about making a location of a road to Eddyville & [write us] for right of way depot ground, & c. All of which it is probably for our interest to give them. It is also important that we know what they want & how they want it. And that we do not give them something more than what is necessary. I am disposed to be liberal in these matters but don't want our interest so tied up that we can't give right of way to the M & M Co. if they ever want it & I still hope & expect they will soon be moving in that direction. I knew very little about the situation of [our land]there, never having been at Oskaloosa since I owned it, and of course am not prepared to give any opinion about this railroad business.

Mr. Seevers has written to Mr.s Isett & Breuster [sic] requesting one of them to come out there & see to these matters. Mr. B. & myself had a talk about it this morning and both that it [was], necessary since one should go & that you were the man to go as being acquainted with the "lay of the land" and would know better than any one else what was [here]. Mr. Breuster [sic] will write to you to day [sic] & explain more fully the situation of the affair than I can. I am willing to bear my just proportion of all necessary expenses & for your time employed and am particularly anxious you should go there immediately. Mr.s I. & B. can't either leave at this time & I would repeat that I think it important our interests there should be looked after & I hope you will find it convenient to come at once & go out. Our interest there if the road & depot are located right I have no doubt will be valuable but if not located to suit our interest it will perhaps only be what it will pay for growing corn & potatoes.

Business good here and farm property looking up.

Truly Yours
Chester Weed

My compliments to Mrs. Reed and Miss Hurd if she is with you still. C W

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Chester Weed to Samuel B. Reed
  • Source: Letter from Chester Weed to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 3 pages
  • Extent: 3 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Box 2, Folder 26, Folder 26
  • Date: October 26, 1860