Letter from Jennie Reed, May 26, [1865]

In this letter from May 26, 1865, Jennie Reed writes to her cousin Adda discussing various family matters and some of her activities during her stay in Burlington, Iowa. She notes that her husband, Samuel Reed, is in Mount Pleasant, Iowa that day and will soon go "out on the line for a month."

My Dearest Cousin Adda.

I have a moment's time to write and will scribble on this half sheet of paper rather than defer until a more convenient time. I sent you a letter upon Friday last with $3. dollars enclosed 2.50 for Mrs. Bachus, and the rest for Anne's picture. Suppose all is right received by this time. I assure you the week has passed swiftly and yes upon the whole it seems a long time. I think of dear little Anne so often as well of all of you and especially of Aunty since I do not receive your promised letter. I do long to hear that she is better. Write of every thing. If you do have not sent Anne [sic] picture here until you receive this send it to Muscatine in care of Mr. Isett.

Baby is not quite well to day [sic] she seems weak. She [has] her seventh tooth first through. This the second since she left home.

I was out to tea at Mr. Thielson's yesterday. They are nice and insisted upon our staying there a number of days but I could not think of it. I thought I might and must go yesterday but Samuel would not let me go. I hope to go to morrow [sic] . He will be out on the line for a month and says if I return this way he may not be able to go home with me, so that I shall b probably go home the other way. Mrs. Andrew came. I brought one of your handcherchiefs [sic] and must have left my cambric one. Please have Martha enquire [sic] of Mary for it, if she did not iron it. I failed to charge Martha to keep the hens from the currants. Will you tell her. Catharine has been down a number of times. She is a steady healthy girl, and would give anything to go home with me. Have you heard from [Toress] yet? And do you expect the Elder one soon? Samuel is in Mount Pleasant to day [sic] . Baby is some worrisome fretful. Love & kisses to the "dear ones."

Yours in love
Jennie E. Reed.

I go to Washington tomorrow probably.

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Jennie Reed to Cousin Adda
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 32
  • Date: May 26, 1865