Carroll's Second Proclamation

On July 21, 1877 Maryland Governor John L. Carroll issued a second proclamation, asking the state's citizens to maintain law and order.

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Whereas, The riotous demonstration that took place in this city last evening evince a spirit of lawlessness, which, if not suppressed, must end in the ruin of vast interests and the destruction of large amounts of the property of our citizens. Now, therefore, I, John Lee Carroll, Governor of Maryland, do hereby issue this, my proclamation, calling upon all law-abiding citizens of Baltimore to aid in the maintenance of quiet, and I hereby command all persons not to assemble for purposes of violation of law, but to retire forthwith peaceably to their respective homes, warning them that a persistence in these violent proceedings will compel resort to the strongest measures for the re-establishment of order in our midst.


About this Document

  • Source: Baltimore American
  • Author: John Lee Carroll
  • Published: Baltimore
  • Date: July 21, 1877