The Crowd Was Continually Reinfored [sic] By Fresh Arrivals

This article from the July 21, 1877 issue of the Baltimore American describes the composition of the crowd during the Baltimore riots.

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THE CROWD WAS CONTINUALLY REINFORED [sic] BY FRESH ARRIVALS, and at half-past seven o'clock an impenetrable mass of humanity extended along Front street, all the way from Baltimore to Gay on the north and south, and High and the bridge on the east and west. The riotous men in this crowd must be held mainly responsible for the acts of violence of last night, which, as will hereafter be shown, resulted in the murder of nearly a dozen persons, and in the wounding of many more, most of whom were innocent spectators, and had not connection with the lawless crowds. As is usual in such cases a crowd of persons, mere lookers on and talking to no participation in the riot, gathered about the armory, and were in fact the chief sufferers by the lawless proceedings.

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  • Source: Baltimore American
  • Date: July 21, 1877