[Untitled] Today is the date arranged by Mr. Bryan. . .

The Republican State Journal ridicules Bryan's Populist-Democratic fusion as an unlikely alliance and a fantasy.

Today is the date arranged by Mr. Bryan for turning the democratic party of Nebraska into the populist pasture. Many populist leaders will be there to receive them.

Mr. Bryan in his own paper, tells Mr. D. Clemdeaver that he is a very good man, but he must get right out of the way of the esteemed ex-governor, Jim Boyd, who wants to go to congress worse than he does. This settles Mr. Clemdeaver's hash, as it were, and The Journal will respectfully hold his hat while he apologizes to Messrs. Bryan and Boyd and "gits."

Railroad and other labor strikes would soon be so rare as to be curiosities. Anarchism would die a natural death. The next generation, conceived amid the universal harmony of musical locomotives on through lines and cross country roads, would be born poets and singers, and the pop party would be a reminiscence. John Burroughs has touched the right chord, let the railroad managers do the rest.

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  • Source: Nebraska State Journal
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  • Date: September 26, 1894