Upper Sandusky, OH Speech, 1896-08-10

Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

Speech by William Jennings Bryan
Monday, August 10, 1896
Depot, Upper Sandusky, OH

Source: MR. BRYAN AVERTS A PANIC, Coolness of the Democratic Leader Prevents a Disaster at Delphos, Ohio., Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition), Tuesday, August 11, 1896

"Ladies and Gentlemen: It gives me a great deal of pleasure to greet the people who live in the town of my old friend, Judge Hare. I knew him in congress and I am glad to see the people who honored themselves by his election. (Cheers.) I trust that you will be able in the future to have as faithful and honest and as courageous a representative as you had when he was your member. (Cheers. An elderly man shouts that he is afraid the country will be flooded with silver.)

If any of you are afraid of a flood of money I want you to vote the other ticket. (Cheers.) You know, there are a great many people who have lived in a drought so long that they are afraid of a flood." (Loud and prolonged cheers.)

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  • Source: Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition)
  • Published: Omaha, NE
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  • Date: August 10, 1896