Mount Vernon, IL Speech, 1896-09-14

Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

Speech by William Jennings Bryan
Monday, September 14, 1896 at 9:20am
State Supreme Court Building, Mount Vernon, IL

Source: PASSING THROUGH ILLINOIS., Democratic Nominee Gets Ovations All Along the Line., Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition), Tuesday, September 15, 1896

"I appreciate the fact that this meeting is presided over by one who until this campaign has been a Republican (referring to Judge Sample). I also appreciate the fact that while our opponent may say of me that I am young and lacking in public experience, that they cannot bring that charge against a member of the Supreme Court, whose judgment and heart have led him to espouse the cause of the people. (Cheers.)

A few months ago, I was in your midst, then as a private citizen, simply representing a cause which was near to my heart, and when I said here that the brand of Democracy was different from the brand which was presented by the administration, your city was advertised by those who tried to make it appear that I denied that I was a Democrat. (Cheers.) My friends, those of you who were here, know that I not only declared myself a Democrat, but that I have always declared myself a better Democrat than any man who sought to undo what Jefferson and Jackson did for the American people." (Great cheering.)

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  • Source: Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition)
  • Published: Omaha, NE
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  • Date: September 14, 1896