Morristown, NJ Speech, 1896-09-23

Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

Speech by William Jennings Bryan
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Depot, Morristown, NJ

Source: The First Battle: A Story of the Campaign of 1896, 1896

"Ladies and Gentlemen: In a city like this, where there are so many evidences of plenty of money, I do not know whether you understand or feel the need of more money. But I want you to remember that all the wealth of this country is first derived from those who toil, and that you cannot destroy the prosperity of those who produce the wealth without undermining the foundation upon which all society rests.

Remember that a financial system that commends itself to the wealthy only is a curse to any land.

Remember that until wealth is produced it cannot be divided, and that if you make it unprofitable for people to invest their money in enterprises you lessen the production of wealth."

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  • Source: The First Battle: A Story of the Campaign of 1896
  • Author: William Jennings Bryan
  • Publisher: W.B. Conkey Company
  • Published: Chicago, Illinois
  • Citation: 479
  • Date: September 23, 1896