Letter from Sarah Sim to Mother, March 25, 1867

In this March 25, 1867 letter, Sarah Sim tells her mother of Nebraska's recent attainment of statehood and of the expansion of the railroad across Nebraska. She reports that there is over 300 miles of railroad in Nebraska west of Omaha, and predicts easy access to any part of the country within a year.

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Dear Mother

We received your letter dated at New York a short time since it seems that you have had quite a visiting time the winter past. I hope you have had a pleasant time and enjoyed yourself. I think it was much better for you than to have stayed at the old place all the time. You have had a chance to get recruited a little. I suppose that it has been rather lonely for Josephine to have you gone so long but I suppose that by this time you are back to the old home again but I hope you will not have to be alone much and I don't expect you will have much chance to stay alone for there will allways [sic] be some of the family coming around to be company for you. I have not heard from Cin for some time but I suppose that Daniel has got so as to be around by this time and it appears that Electa's health is improving. I suppose they will go to Conn as soon as they get able. I should like to go to Cin and see them if

Who has died in Haddam of late?

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I could before they leave but I cannot do so this spring. I have no one to leave the family with while I would be gone. I have a girl to help me but she is not capable to take charge of a family. We are going to build a house and shall be very busy this spring. I should like to see Electa and Daniel very much and Kate also. I did not see her much while I was East. I wonder if Mr. Herrick is dead. I should think Electa would feel anxious about him as she has not hard heard from him for so long and indeed I suppose she does worry a good deal about him.

I wonder if Hathaway has got into business yet. I should think he could get enough to do in New Haven. Philly has been at school the winter past and I intend to have both him and Willie go this spring. I do not know when we shall send him to a blind institution. I think not this year. They are getting Rail Roads pretty near us and in the course of a year conveyance will be quite easy to all parts of the couontry [sic] . Nebraska is now a state. There is now a Rail Road running over 300 miles west of Nebraska city (or rather Omaha), and the eastern Road comes within a few miles of Nebraska City. The weather is very cold here this spring thus fat it is now more like mid winter. I would not advise you to worry too much about fixing up the old place. Let those that feel so anxious to have it kept up turn to and help fix it not you worry your life out about it. If they want a summer resort I think it is perfectly right for them to help provide it.

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  • Source: Letter from Sarah Sim to Mother
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Nebraska State Historical Society, Sim Family, RG3435, Box 1, Folder 1
  • Date: March 25, 1867