Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Thomas C. Durant, April 7, 1866

In this letter from April 7, 1866, Samuel Reed writes to Thomas C. Durant, Vice President of the Union Pacific Railroad, informing him that he is sending the "report of surveys on the Pacific slope in 1865," with the profiles to follow the next week. He gives a summary of the work done on the railroad since he last wrote Durant, noting that "we have more than one hundred thousand ties on the line of the road." He asks if he should close a contract for another 50,000 ties.

Union Pacific Rail Road Co.
Office of the Genl. Supt.

Ths.C. Durant V.P.
13 William St. NY

Dear Sir

I send you this day my report of surveys on the Pacific slope in 1865. Will send the profiles by express next week.

Since I wrote you last I have contracted for 500 cubic yards of stone for foundations and small bridges at $4. per yard delivered on the line of the road, also for 50,000 ties. Mr. Davis is sawing the timber for Loup Fork truss bridge. The O Hanlon mill costs more than it is worth to operate it something is out of order all the time, it would be economy to have the machinery taken out or do nothing with it. There is a little more than one third of the piles drove for the temporary bridge over Loup Fork. Caps one half on the ground [balance] will be determined next week. String timbers all but 20 sticks delivered at the bridge one gang of men is framing and putting up the work. Grading contractors are commencing their work. The frost is not out of the ground yet. We have just recieved [sic] two rafts of logs the first of the season. There is a good stage of water and I think we shall receive ties and timber rapidly via river from this time.

Twelve hundred bars of iron have been recvd. Shall commence track laying on Monday next.

We have more than one hundred thousand ties on the line of the road. Daily report for yesterday shows 91693 delivered this includes only what has been inspected and paid for. There is 15000 delivered west of Loup Fork not inspected and not included in daily reports. I can contract for 50,000 hard wood ties to be delivered twenty to twenty five miles west of the west end of the second hundred miles. Shal [sic] I close a contract? The timber will be obtained about twelve to fifteen miles north of the Platte valley.

I have not made any arrangements for brick for car shop yet. The best offer I can get is $14 per 1000.

Yours very Respectfully
Saml. B. Reed

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Thomas C. Durant
  • Extent: 3 pages
  • Citation: Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa, Papers of Levi O. Leonard, Box 26, Folder: "Samuel Benedict Reed Correspondence: 1866"
  • Date: April 7, 1866